Newborn FAQs

Q: Babies come on their own schedule! How will I know you will be available to photograph my newborn?

A: Your $150 deposit guarantees my availability 20 days before and 20 days after your due date. If there are any extenuating circumstances, medical or otherwise, that cause Baby to come significantly early or late and I cannot accommodate you, I will refund 100% of your deposit. That said, these are my favorite sessions so I will do my very best to get you in!

Q: When should I schedule my session?

A: The earlier the better! I can best accommodate you if you schedule your session while you are still pregnant, in your second or third trimester. I can also order custom props for your session with 2-3 months’ notice.

Q: I would like older sibling(s) to be in some of the photos, but 3-4 hours is WAY longer than their attention span!

A: I’d suggest having Dad, a relative, or a sitter look after older siblings at home and bring them in at the very beginning or very end of the session for best results.

Q: My newborn is very colicky and I am afraid he/she won’t be sleeping/peaceful in any of the photos!

A: I have many safe tricks up my sleeve for comforting colicky babies. I also allow 3-4 hours for these sessions just in case it takes a while to calm your newborn or coax him or her to sleep.

Q: Can you come to my house for the session?

A: I only shoot newborn sessions at my home studio and when you come, you will see why! I have tried very unsuccessfully to stuff my posing beanbag, lighting equipment (including a 50″ x 50″ softbox), huge collection of blankets and props, soothing tools, and camera bag into my sedan; it’s just not practical. That is why I have all newborn clients come to me. That said, I offer water and snacks, a comfortable place to nurse or bottle feed your new babe, and a pleasant seating area for you to watch me work or just relax!

Q: I’m having twins (or triplets!), is there any additional cost?

A: Nope ­čÖé Feel free to bring a helper to help juggle/feed your multiples, too!

Q: When will my proof gallery be ready?

A: Your gallery will be ready 7-14 days after your session, but I will usually post one or two of my favorites on my Facebook page before then! The best way to stay on top of my page activity is to “like” my page and make sure “Show in News Feed” is checked.

Q: Where do you recommend getting my digital downloads printed?

A: Mpix┬áis the lab I recommend because of the quality of their paper and their color accuracy. Keep in mind that the images you download are “true digital” meaning the aspect ratio is 2:3. I rarely crop, but if I do I keep the original width to height ratio. This simply means that the shape of the print will be different for certain┬ásizes (for an 8 x 10, for example) and parts of the photo will be cropped out. Read more about cropping and aspect ratios here.

Q: When will my gallery expire and what happens if it does expire?

A: Your gallery will be available for 14┬ádays for you to view proofs and order prints and products. After 14┬ádays, you won’t be able to access your gallery until your re-activation fee of $25 has been received via check or PayPal. Your gallery will expire indefinitely 10 days after it has been reactivated.

Q: How much do prints, canvas wraps, and albums cost if I order through your website?

A: Prints start at $25 and all sizes 11 x 14 and larger are mounted on 2mm styrene to prevent warping over time. All prints and canvases are ordered from companies exclusively serving professionals, so you can be sure the quality will not disappoint!