Portrait FAQs

Q: Is there a certain time of day that is best for photos?

A: I like to start all my sessions about an hour before sunset. That is when the light is most flattering. Your punctuality is key to taking advantage of all this beautiful light!

Q: Where do outdoor sessions take place?

A: You decide! We can go to a park, nature area, or college campus that is special to you or your family, or head downtown for an urban feel. Let me know beforehand where you would like to go and I will let you know if any additional travel fees apply. I love to explore and include a variety of scenery in my portfolio, so I usually don’t add on additional costs unless your session involves extensive travel. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of people included in the session?

A: The package is limited to one family (parents and children), but feel free to include pets! Please contact me for a quote about extended family shoots.

Q: What if there is inclement weather on the scheduled day of our shoot?

A: I will contact you 12-24 hours before your session if the forecast looks questionable and we can either reschedule right then, or be in contact throughout the following day regarding the weather and decide on a different date if it is necessary. Either way, heavy rain, cold temperatures, and gusty winds are all good reasons to reschedule!

Q: When will my proof gallery be ready?

A: Your gallery will be ready 7-14 days after your session date, but I will usually post one or two of my favorites on my Facebook page before then! The best way to stay on top of my page activity is to “like” my page and make sure “Show in News Feed” is checked.

Q: Where do you recommend getting my digital downloads printed?

A: Mpix is the lab I recommend because of the quality of their paper and their color accuracy. Keep in mind that the images you download are “true digital” meaning the aspect ratio is 2:3. I rarely crop, but if I do I keep the original width to height ratio. This simply means that the shape of the print will be different for certain sizes (for an 8 x 10, for example) and parts of the photo will be cropped out. Read more about cropping and aspect ratios here.

Q: When will my gallery expire and what happens if it does expire?

A: Your gallery will be available for 14 days for you to view proofs and order prints and products. After 14 days, you won’t be able to access your gallery until your re-activation fee of $25 has been received via check or PayPal. Your gallery will expire indefinitely 10 days after it has been reactivated.

Q: How much do prints, canvas wraps, and albums cost if I order through your website?

A: Prints start at $25 and all sizes 11 x 14 and larger are mounted on 2mm styrene to prevent warping over time. All prints and canvases are ordered from companies exclusively serving professionals, so you can be sure the quality will not disappoint!