3 Reasons I Love Daylight Savings!

So many people had a hard time adjusting to the sun’s new early bedtime when we turned our clocks back in November! I know I’m the odd one out, but I love this annual ritual, especially during my peak season with Fall photo sessions. Why? Keep reading!

Better Photo Sessions With Littles

Maternity Photography in Norman, OK (Mary Thomas Photography)

Young kids have early bedtimes and sometimes the best light happens long after they’re in bed, or worse, right when they really need to go to bed haha! Summer sessions with littles are HARD because the golden hour (an hour before sunset) is SO late. Even into early Fall the sun can set as late as 7 or 7:30. Rather than try a session with a tired kiddo, plan to schedule your family shoot after we turn our clocks back! That way we get the best light AND the best smiles! More photos from this session are included in this post; it was the first session after the time change and I love the results 🙂

Better Editing Schedules For Me

I like to edit all my pictures in natural light. I know some photographers wait until after their kids are in bed to edit pictures, but I am definitely not a night owl! After the time change, I can get an early start and leave evenings, when I am not at my best haha, for dinner and spending time with my family…and sometimes catching up on mindless chores like dishes and laundry!

Norman Family Photography (Mary Thomas Photography)

Norman Maternity Photography (Mary Thomas Photography)

Maternity Photography Near Norman, OK (Mary Thomas Photography)

More Quality Time With Family

Because I am MUCH more relaxed after editing and staying on track to deliver client galleries within 2 weeks of each session, I love having my evenings free! I know this is personal and some people really do struggle when it is “midnight dark” by 6pm, but I really thrive during this late Fall/early Winter season. And now, more smiley pictures made possible by the sun’s early bedtime – enjoy!

Family Photography Near Norman, OK (Mary Thomas Photography)

Norman OK Maternity Photography (Mary Thomas Photography)

Norman OK Family Photography (Mary Thomas Photography)