newborn baby sleeping under beige blanket

Baby J | Norman Newborn Photography

Baby J was so sleepy for his shoot! As a Norman newborn photographer, I never know what I’m in for; a sleepy baby or an alert baby that will take some convincing that his parents will appreciate sleepy pictures and he should take a nap lol! No matter what, my clients have been amazingly patient and understanding as I work with their new bundle of joy. I am so grateful for this! The second photo here shows a pose that is generally loved by all babies. It goes by many names, like “booty up/bum up”, “prone”, and “butt-in-the-air”. The side-lying pose seen here is also a “crowd-pleaser” for my littlest clients 🙂

To ensure my clients have the best experience, I also provide preparation tips for the morning of their newborn shoot. I like to put parents at ease during their session by staying calm, and also trying things like swaddled poses if Baby just isn’t having it. I am even open to re-scheduling in extreme circumstances. I have to strike a balance between making sure I provide quality photos for my clients while not pushing Baby beyond his limits for that particular day. I’m so blessed to have had so many babies to hone my baby-whispering skills over the last 6 years! My clients are happy with the final product and that makes me happy.

Now on to the good part! Please enjoy some sweet, snuggly newborn pictures…newborn baby sleeping under beige blanketnewborn baby sleeping in prone positionsleeping newborn in taco or womb posesleeping newborn baby boy in side lying pose