Is Newborn Photography Worth It?

I’m so glad you asked! Rest assured that although I am Norman a newborn photographer and *might* be a little biased, I will answer this question honestly! I, perhaps like you, am a mom. My girls are 6 and 8 now, which means school friends and playdates. I am pleasantly surprised by how many people display newborn photos of their beloved “big” kids in their homes EIGHT years after they were taken! I was even fortunate enough to have a friend text me this when her “baby” turned 4 this past summer:

Norman Newborn Photographer (Mary Thomas Photography)

Even if you aren’t the overly-sentimental type, here are some specific reasons to consider getting professional newborn photos of your new addition!

Newborn Photos Keep Extended Family In The Loop

Now more than ever, not all family members will be able to travel and celebrate your new arrival with you in-person. People you love might choose not to visit you in the hospital or shortly after you arrive home for personal or safety-related reasons, or a positive COVID test may keep them away even if they desperately want to come! One of the best gifts you can give these family members and friends, are prints or access to a digital album with newborn photos that capture those sweet squishy cheeks, and tiny fingers and toes.

One of the most rewarding moments in my career was when my friend, who was fostering a newborn baby at the time, described this baby’s father’s reaction when he saw the newborn photos I took of his son. “He just kept smiling,” she said. This is an exceptional situation, but I tell it so you can feel the importance of connecting to a new little person through newborn photography.

You Radiate Love For Your Baby, Even If You Don’t Feel Radiant

Trust me, I’ve been there! The sleepless nights, the postpartum baby bump, and all the other not-so-welcomed changes you experience when you welcome your new addition are TOUGH. But I’ve witnessed something magical happen when parents step in front of my lens with their newborn baby. Here are a few of my favorite examples:

Newborn Photographer in Norman (Mary Thomas Photography)

Is Newborn Photography Worth It (Mary Thomas Photography in Norman)

Establish A Lifelong Relationship With A Photographer

Maybe it’s because I am an extrovert, but meeting new people is my favorite parts of this job! Snuggling babies is a close second 😉 But seriously, I’ve had people I haven’t met tell me they saw my newborn work and hired me for family photos because they thought, “Oh, she’s good with kids!” I’ve also taken maternity and newborn photos for many families as they have welcomed their first, second, and even third child! On the flip side, I’ve had a family hire me as their Norman family photographer when their son turned one because they did not like their experience with their newborn photographer (not me, just to be clear lol!) They even admitted that they loved the newborn photos; they just hated the process so much that they decided not to hire that photographer again. Either way, a newborn session is a great litmus test to see how well you and I work together to capture great photos of your growing family!

But I Can Take Photos Of My Baby With My Phone…

I saw this one coming! It’s true, phones come with AMAZING cameras. I am sure you will, and even encourage you to capture great photos with your phone! But will you honestly print the photos of your baby that are mixed in with food pics, selfies at the beach, and highlights of your awesome hibiscus blossoms (just me?) Please let me do the work of numbering, grouping, and cropping these once-in-a-lifetime images! I even offer printing advice and product recommendations for free! I want you to display or enjoy these photos however you choose for a long time to come.

You Never Know What The Future Holds

I know, this just got dark. But I’m not going there. This is personal, but I think most people with “big” kids can relate. It just gets harder and harder to coax kids to take family photos as they grow. Even the most colicky newborn doesn’t hold a candle to a toddler running away from the camera, or even a pre-teen who doesn’t feel comfortable with his or her body and hates pictures of themselves no matter how beautiful they are! My daughter, age 6, is a bit of an exception though. She has a rare anxiety disorder called selective mutism that causes her to have a “deer in the headlights” look in front of the camera. It is startling to see the difference in her school pictures before pre-kinder and after. This first shot is the last picture I have of her smiling and looking at the camera, taken at age 3 and a half.

Norman Child Photographer (Mary Thomas Photography)

selective mutism pictures of small child (Mary Thomas Photography)

So there you have it! My honest assessment of why newborn photography IS worth it. Help others celebrate your newborn baby from afar, capture your own love for your child, *maybe* find the photographer of your dreams, capture photos to cherish forever, and get your child in the frame for maybe the last time in a long time! Still have questions or want to book a Norman newborn photography session?