twin newborn babies in fatigue pockets

Twins | Norman Newborn Photographer

These sweet twins were 3 weeks old when they came in for photographs. I felt SO honored because some family members hadn’t even met them yet due to winter sickness going around and their parents’ heroic effort to protect them. I am always so careful with babies, but especially so during the peak of flu season. I’ll stop several times during the shoot to wash my hands, use their own pacifiers, and I will cancel if I feel even the slightest symptoms of sickness! I want my clients to know they can trust me with their precious bundle, or in this case, bundles!

One thing I love about newborn twins sessions is that even if one twin is awake, and probably eating, I can use that opportunity to get individual shots of the other. I end up getting lots of photos for Mom and Dad, and it doesn’t usually end up taking any longer than a shoot with one baby. Of course, I end up liking the shots of them together the most. Twins really do share a special bond, and it shows in the photos!

This particular dad served in the military. I love Mom and Dad’s idea to put each twin in one of his fatigue pockets! They took a similar shot of their daughter a while back and said they had to stuff her in because she was so big 🙂 These twins fit right in, similar to a baby carrier. The funny thing is, Mom saw this posing idea on Pinterest when she had Big Sister’s newborn shoot, and on Pinterest it was a shot with twins! How prophetic!

Are you expecting twins? If you would like a photographer with experience photographing newborn twins, let’s get in touch! Hit the Contact tab above to reach me. I will answer all your questions and we can tailor a session to fit your preferences 🙂

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