custom designed birth announcement mary thomas photography

Birth Announcements!

As some of you know, I am SUPER picky about the way things look and even if the most minute detail is off I will notice and it will drive me crazy! That said, I could not find a birth announcement design I liked anywhere, even after meticulously searching the internet. I browsed through TONS of birth announcements on sites like Shutterfly and Vistaprint to no avail. Simply put, none of them were good enough for my Lydia 😉

Some of the designs inspired me, however, especially the fonts. I set to work mish-mashing my favorite elements and came up with this:custom designed birth announcement mary thomas photography

and the back…custom-designed birth announcementsIn upcoming posts I will share what the printed product looked like and brag on my new favorite pro-printing company! I’ll also share a survey I came up with to help me design birth announcements for future clients without asking them a million questions 🙂

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