Norman Oklahoma Newborn Photography

Blake Gabriel: Norman Oklahoma Newborn Photography

Norman Oklahoma Newborn PhotographyThis past week, I had a special visitor in my home-studio and he was only 12 days old! I’m super happy we squeezed this session in before the bad weather hit. So many things made this shoot extraordinary, besides the utter adorable cuteness of the subject 🙂fall theme newborn photography norman oklahoma

This was my first Norman Oklahoma newborn session with my studio lighting gear! It was also my first Norman Oklahoma newborn session, period, since it was my first session since we moved into our house. I am SO glad we were able to buy a house because after setting up my 50 x 50 softbox, I realized this probably wouldn’t work in an apartment! I even posted some pics of the set-up in my living on my Instagram (Marythomasphoto). Setting up for the shoot was a learning experience in itself and by the time I put up a backdrop stand, blanket stand, posing bean bag, flash stand, and softbox, I realized my living room is the only place big enough to hold a session due to the size of my equipment!newborn camo set norman oklahoma newborn photographer

The other amazing thing about this session is the probability that the next Norman Oklahoma newborn I snuggle will probable be my own! As I approach the 34-week mark, Lydia’s arrival is more real than ever. I was glad that her nursery was prepped and somewhat presentable, because my rocking chair made a comfy spot for Mom to top off Blake during his session 🙂taco pose newborn photography norman oklahoma

Lastly, this Norman Oklahoma newborn session was special because I was taking pictures of my friends’ first baby.  At times I feel so bad during sessions, because here I am, well-rested with 8 hours of sleep under my belt and I sometimes have a hard time coaxing a little one to sleep. How much harder must this be while sleep-deprived! Sara and Casey, you seriously make the whole “new parents” thing look WAY too easy and Gabe is lucky to have you! I’m also lucky to have you as friends!

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  1. Aww, thanks! We know our little one was…um… difficult, but you still got some great shots of him! We were very pleased!

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