small business bootstrapping


bootsrappingWhen I decided to plunge headfirst into full-time photography, I acknowledged I would have to make some tough (read: expensive!) changes. I knew I needed guidance, but I also knew I needed money. After exhausting the funds I had earned from shoots while balancing photography with full-time childcare, I committed to some serious bootstrapping! I sold lenses, accessories, and lighting equipment until I had pared down my collection to only what I absolutely need for what I do best: newborn and portrait photography. I also spared myself the $500+ expense of hiring expert help with my logo and blog design, drove 2 and half hours each way for an all-day newborn posing workshop to spare myself the cost of meals and hotel accommodations, and just prayed that my husband’s job would provide him his own computer so I could inherit his laptop haha! My motive in sharing all of this is not to pat myself on the back for all my creative money-saving efforts, but rather to inform my prospective clients what this means for them.

  • Unfortunately, I will no longer be covering weddings since bootstrapping meant turning my non-portrait lenses into cash. But also because, currently, finding a babysitter trumps finding a second shooter and renting the “dynamic duo” refers to a double electric pump rather than a 24-70 mm and 70-200 mm lens combo!
  • My blog/site is bound to have some issues. When a girl can’t tell her JavaScript from her jQuery, she becomes hopelessly dependent on feedback from…you! If you are having any issues interacting with my site, please bring them to my attention.
  • I am an Oklahoma transplant as of June, 2013, and I do not exaggerate when I say I didn’t know a soul when I moved here! Advertising on a budget doesn’t usually involve spending big bucks for a microscopic ad in a high profile magazine and I am no exception! My attempt to get the word-of-mouth train moving is two-fold: offering a portfolio-building discount (take advantage!) and co-advertising. If you own a business that would benefit from publicity on my site, please let me know by filling out the contact form; I will happily add your logo/link to my footer under “local loves” in exchange for the opportunity to display either my business cards, promotional material, or my work in your physical store or my logo/link in your virtual store!

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