newborn photography outtakes Norman Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

2013 Newborn Photography Outtakes!

newborn photography outtakes Norman Oklahoma Newborn PhotographerWhat better way to end 2013 than with a good old bloopers post?! Newborn photography outtakes don’t just happen when I’m behind the lens. The everyday happenings of a newborn photographer are really quite comical 🙂 When I’m not cuddling adorable babes or adorning them in the cutest hats, knits, and headbands, you can find me cleaning up pee and poo! You might also find me turning my bathroom into a steam spa in an effort to make my beanbag fill go INTO my posing beanbag, or perhaps editing away diaper rash, baby acne, or those ever-so-sneaky baby boy parts!

My newborn photography outtakes don’t stop there. I am forever organizing and re-organizing my prop closet to accommodate my ever-growing collections of furs, blankets, hats, baskets/buckets, and wraps! My husband is my biggest fan and is maybe the most understanding person in the world, but even his patience is stretched when I come home with a new prop 🙂 My effort to contain these goodies to one room is depicted above!

As entertaining as a newborn photography outtakes post is to read, I want to document more of the highlights of the year to come! I am sure there will be many personal highlights as I am expecting my first baby, but I would love to get some help from parents with camera phones to capture pictures and videos of me in action! I think clients often feel the same way I felt when I witnessed the “magic” of posing a sweet newborn baby. The only word to describe the feeling is “amazed”! During a newborn posing workshop I attended in Michigan an onlooker peeked in through the glass door of the studio where we were working. We photographers couldn’t hear him, but we could figure out the words he was mouthing: “Is that a baby? A real baby?!”

Thanks for reading and happy holidays to all!

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