Mary Thomas Photography blackboard birth announcement

Lydia’s Birth Announcements!

Part of me knows I shouldn’t do this…that anything can happen and that I should simply wait until my daughter is safe and sound in my arms before even thinking about birth announcements. But another part of me wants to be preoccupied with SOMETHING while I anxiously await her arrival! I’ve narrowed down her choices to the following designs and I am stuck. Please help me decide on the best birth announcement design (only the best for my Lydia!) by leaving a comment with your top choice! You can identify your favorite by the “title” in the caption below the image.

I should also mention that the actual announcements will have adorable pictures of my daughter in place of the ugly black squares 🙂 I’m hoping to order envelopes and use this nesting time to pre-address them and put stamps on them so her birth announcements can be in the mail and hopefully arrive in time for Valentine’s Day! The latest my practice will let me go is February 1st so that might not be a reality no matter how hard I try.

That said, it is so good to have a very real light at the end of the tunnel! If all goes as planned, I will be holding my babe on the outside in at most 4 weeks. Reflecting on this pregnancy I am amazed at how much J and I have learned about her without even seeing her! She sucks her thumb (maybe she will be a self-soother?), she is crazy active and energetic (= troublemaker?), and she can’t be bothered to stay still long enough to let my midwife calculate her heart rate with the Doppler (seriously! that’s the only reason we needed the 12-week ultrasound!)

So excited to meet her…soon!

P.S. If you like the blackboard birth announcements, check out the free timeline cover template on my Facebook page!

Mary Thomas Photography blackboard birth announcement
Blackboard Birth Announcements
Mary Thomas Photography stripes and hearts birth announcement
Stripes and Hearts Birth Announcements
Mary Thomas Photography square valentine birth announcements
Square Valentine Birth Announcements
Mary Thomas Photography chevron valentine birth announcements
Chevron Valentine Birth Announcements
Mary Thomas Photography glitter valentine birth announcements
Glitter Valentine Birth Announcements

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