baby boy sitting on white fur with a toy

Blake: Baby Session {Moore Oklahoma Baby Photographer}

I love being a baby photographer and I think 6-month baby sessions are my favorite! There is still lots of squishy baby love, but no accidents and limited mobility (aka they can’t run away from the camera!) This session allowed me to “break in” 2 new props: an adorable 3 to 6 month size newsboy cap and my new bunting! I am NOT a good seamstress, but managed to make the bunting pictured in this post with some fabric from Hobby Lobby. One side is for boy shoots and the other side is for girls! I can’t stress enough what an amazing feat this is for a baby photographer who is a hot mess with a sewing machine!baby boy sitting on white fur with a toyOne thing about six month sessions, however, is that Baby might not be too steady while sitting on his bum. Not only did this lovely (handmade!) toy serve as a support, Mom was nearby (just out of the frame) ready to catch Blake if he had a tumble 🙂baby boy sitting in a basketMom also brought some really cute outfits and props, including this adorable basket! I also loved the other container I used, which is an unfinished wood crate that I painted a very light gray. It matches my girl bunting perfectly, but you’ll have to wait until I shoot Lydia’s six month pictures later this summer to see the “girl” side of my little craft project 🙂baby boy sitting in a basket wearing a newsboy capAnother great perk to being a baby photographer is seeing little ones grow from wee newborns into big kids. I remember how small Blake was as a newborn (haha Lydia outweighed him by a pound and a half!), and now he is a cute little chunk!baby boy laying on his backI think this pose is kind of a staple for a six month session 🙂baby boy sitting on white fur rugAgain, I can’t stress enough that Mom was close by ready to catch Blake! I would never attempt a pose that could put Baby in danger!baby boy on his stomach on white furAnd one more 🙂baby boy wearing a newsboy cap sitting in a crate

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