newborn twin boys on yellow blanket

Newborn Twins Session {Del City Oklahoma Newborn Photographer}

Last Friday I had the opportunity to  photograph newborn twins for the first time! Micah and Malachi were a bit too old/alert to be molded into many of the traditional sleepy newborn poses, but I came away with some great images! I especially love this one of the two of them together.newborn twin boys on yellow blanketFor safety reasons I had to have tiny Micah on top because he was almost 2 pounds lighter than his brother! Mom told me that poor Malachi didn’t get many photos in the hospital shoot, so I made sure to make him the main subject of the session. This worked out really well, because he slept almost the whole shoot, while his brother needed a lot more convincing 🙂newborn boy on yellow blanketI find it so amusing that the typical “easy” shots were such a challenge at this shoot. I tried to wrap Malachi, but he busted out almost immediately! Then I tried laying them next to each other and Malachi was throwing his limbs all around; maybe he was trying wrestle/fight with Micah like a typical brother 🙂newborn boy on yellow blanketI enjoyed this session despite all the hiccups. I expected double pee and poopy accidents, but I was prepared! Going into the session with realistic expectations because of the boys’ age (4 weeks) helped a lot, too. With my first newborn twins session under my belt, I am looking forward to another opportunity to photograph multiples! At this time I do not charge any additional fee for “extra” babies, so take advantage! Some exciting posts are currently in the pipe-line. Check back for posts including some behind-the-scenes shots of my backdrop set-ups, newborn safety, new props, and of course more sessions!

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